Once you have booked your appointment you may want to know what to expect at your consultation. Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions - do give us a call if you have any other queries!

When Should We start Looking for Our Dresses?

Be aware that dresses can take up to 5 months to arrive with us here at the boutique. As soon as you have chosen your dress we will place the order with your chosen designer and your dresses will made to order, specifically for you! So for this reason we always recommend placing your order at least 6 months before your wedding to allow time for your dresses to come in, as well as making any alterations you may need.

 Although if you have less than 6 months many of our designers offer rush delivery so that your order is put on priority and can arrive sooner than the normal delivery time. 

Do I Need An Appointment?

Yes! We try to accommodate people as much as possible, but an appointment ensures that we will be prepared for you, and you will get our full attention.

What Should We Wear?

We normally recommend your girls to wear a strapless bra and nude coloured underwear is always best, but there are no rules, you should wear what you feel comfortable in.

 One of the lovely girls in our team will be assisting you when you try on the gowns and they are very used to helping you in and out of dresses so please don't feel embarrassed!


We have shoes of all sizes at the boutique should you like to try on your dress with a pair of heels, so it isn't necessary to bring your own. However, if bringing a pair of your own shoes which may be similar to the pair you may wear on the day would help with your decision making, please do.

How Long Will The Appointment Last?

When you are choosing your dresses we allow an hour exclusive use of the boutique, so you have plenty of time to relax and select your dresses without feeling rushed and stressed. You will have the full, uninterrupted attention of one of our sales consultants.  We also have our seamstresses on hand to advise on how the dresses can be adapted and fitted to your own requirements.


Fitting appointments last for half an hour, which is plenty of time for our seamstresses to fit your maids.

What About Weight Change?

We will order your dresses to the nearest size from the measurements taken at time of ordering.

Most dresses will require some alterations even if just a hem!

If you are planning drastic weight loss, please speak to one of our seamstresses to discuss sizing.

When Will I Need to Book My Fittings?

We like to start your fittings about six weeks before your wedding, we will check you all  when you collect the dresses just before the big day! 

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